Signs installed at West Harrison High to remind students to buckle up

Thirteen years ago, the lives of two Harrison Central High School students were lost in a car accident on Highway 49.

Since that day, their father, Brian Pearse, has been turning the devastating loss of his only two children into a powerful message to help others.

This morning, Pearse helped install a sign outside of West Harrison High School. The sign has both Kiara and Jameel Pearse’s faces on it and reads the words ‘please buckle up.’ “It’s a face. It also reminds them that ‘hey, it could be me. If it happened to them, it could happen to me.’ ‘What can I do to prevent it?’ Make a good choice and put on a seat belt. It takes three seconds when you get in the car. Put on your seat belt and be an attentive driver. If you are in a motor vehicle crash maybe it won’t be fatal.”

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