Shuckers visit Ocean Springs Hospital

The Biloxi Shuckers and Singing River Health System teamed up and showed they are both winners. News 25’s Payton Malone takes us out to Ocean Springs for the story.
It was all smiles at Ocean Springs Hospital as Dustin Houle and Jake Gatewood from the Biloxi Shuckers went room to room visiting patients and employees. “Kids are smiling and you know they’re going through a lot and you can just see a smile on their face the whole time. It makes it a little easier for us, striking out or doing something like that. It’s awesome,” said Gatewood.
Father of a patient Richard Webb said, “For them to come in here and visit my daughter that meant the world to me. That made me feel almost better than it made her feel. To just see the smile on her face when she saw them come through here like that.”
This is all part of the celebration for Singing River Health System after being named first on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for overall excellence in medical care. The celebration will continue Saturday night at the Shuckers game with Singing River Employee Night at MGM Park. Ocean Springs Hospital Administrator Heath Thompson said, “This is a good way for our employees to get together and spend time together, sometime away from work. We go out and have fun at the Shuckers stadium, but it is also part of our connection with the community.”
The hospital’s celebration is centered around their motto of ‘teamwork always wins.’ The Biloxi Shuckers came out to show not only the importance of teamwork on the field, but off the baseball diamond as well. “You have to work well as a team or else you’re not going to win. I think that goes along with life, too. You can’t do everything on your own. You gotta have friends and family around you that support you and they definitely got something great going here and just walking around here you can see it. Everyone is happy and it’s awesome,” said Gatewood.

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