Shuckers Step Up to Lower Costs on Biloxi Stadium

Construction on MGM Park in Biloxi is well underway and the city council is working with the team to lower the construction costs in any way they can.

Tuesday, team owners stepped up to the plate at the Biloxi City Council meeting to show they’re willing to work with the city to cut costs as much as possible. The team has changed where suites will be located and has gone with a different lighting manufacturer, saving about $80,000 on the cost of construction.

Even though the contract cost of the baseball stadium has been lowered, some things still need to be purchased that have not yet been accounted for. The city still needs to find funding for the scoreboard, sound system, and signage. Tuesday, Tim Bennett, team owner, announced that may no longer be an issue. Bennett says, "Well, the team is picking up most of that and that’s the good part about having a team that will stand behind the city.”

The Shuckers will pay for the majority of a $1.5 million scoreboard for the stadium, as well as pay for a secondary board where they will sell out advertisements. Bennett estimates the city should only have to pay about $500,000 for the installation of the boards.

In addition, each year, the Shuckers will give the first $100,000 of revenue generated from the advertising board to the city. Kenny Glavan, Biloxi City Council President, says, "It was great news today to see Mr. Bennett and his company step up, think outside the box, and find a way to get the baseball stadium done and to get the video board in place."

Bennett says the team realizes the parties who have stuck their necks out to make baseball in Biloxi a reality and they want to be good partners in the process. Bennett closes, "We realize the city took a huge step, a leap of faith if you will, to build a stadium and to provide the funds. We also realize that the Governor also put in a lot of money. So this relationship is the Governor, the county, the city, and the team. Every chance that we get to contribute to that relationship, we’re going to do exactly that."

W.G. Yates & Sons Construction also gave an update on construction and say right now, they believe the stadium should be done a few weeks ahead of schedule in mid-July.

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