Shuckers Clinch a Playoff Berth

The Biloxi Shuckers have defeated the odds. A week after they finished their 54 game road trip, they have clinched the first half of the season, earning them a playoff bid.
Upper management reflects on how impressive this feat is for this brand new franchise as well as updates on progress at MGM Park.
Not many would have expected the Shuckers to not only play well, but be the best in their division. The nicknamed “Road Warriors” have clinched the first half of the season and have guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoffs.
General Manager Buck Rogers said, “Well, they’ve overcome everything we’ve thrown at them. To playing in other people’s ball parks as the home team, people cheering against you in every park you go in and all of a sudden, here we are in first place, clinched the first half.”
That means extra baseball for fans that have not gotten to see their team play at home very much this season. Sunday’s win over the Mississippi Braves guaranteed two home games for post season play at MGM Park in September.
“I think that’s great for the fans to be able to experience this team, which is a very good team by the way, coming back home on Wednesday,” said Shuckers Co-Owner, Tim Bennett.
While the team celebrates up in Pearl, construction crews are taking advantage of this time to bunker down on remaining construction that needs to be done: “When the team is in town, obviously we can’t access the play facilities and a lot of the areas that the team occupies. When they’re away, it gives up more access to the buildings and to address the things that need to be done,” said Jason Wold, project manager for Yates Construction.
Yates is still on track to have MGM Park complete by August 4th. Regardless, fans are sure to welcome their playoff bound Shuckers home with open arms at the team’s next homestand on Wednesday.

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