Shuckers Butter Biscuits 3-2 in MiLB Opening Day Simulation

On a normal April Thursday, we’d have a Biloxi Shuckers final score rolling in right about now.

But this year, Opening Day at MGM Park has come and gone without so much as a National Anthem or seventh inning stretch.

First pitch between the Shuckers and Montgomery Biscuits was set for 6:35 tonight. Of course, that was before COVID-19 took the entire sports world hostage.

Four weeks ago today, Major League Baseball postponed the start of the regular season and with that came a minor league delay as well.

Despite ongoing discussions from league officials as to if or when the season will ever begin, it doesn’t feel like we’re much closer to a definitive answer than we were on March 12th.

Obviously better safe than sorry, but certainly a different Opening Day vibe nonetheless. Biloxi Shuckers Media Relations and Broadcaster Garrett Greene said, “Normally I would’ve been probably at the ball park early to do live shots today or I would’ve been there late last night getting things ready, and instead because I’m working from home I didn’t have to get out of bed until about 8:20 this morning to be logged onto my computer by 9 o’clock, so it’s definitely different. Opening Day is always special, and to not have it and not have that excitement like you normally feel when you’re going to the ball park is a little bit different, and today made it feel a little more real.”

Now sometimes that line between what’s real and what’s fake can be awfully razor thin. In today’s real world, video game simulations are the next best thing to the real deal and Minor League Baseball is all in.

The Shuckers were one of several teams taking part in Thursday’s ‘MiLB at Home Opener’ in which opposing teams used ‘MLB: The Show’ on Playstation 4 to dictate a virtual outcome for the originally scheduled Opening Day programming. “I have not stacked the deck. We have not made it to where the Shuckers are all 99’s and the Biscuits are 25’s. Like it is as close to a fair game as possible. I have no idea what’s going to happen. We’re just going to roll it on out and see what happens.”

Shuckers get the 2020 campaign off on the right foot, 3-2 on Opening Day over the Biscuits.

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