Shuckers Baseball Comes Home Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. The city of Biloxi will welcome their division leading Shuckers home to play their first game at MGM Park.
10 years ago, baseball in Biloxi was just an idea. And on January 2014, ground is broken on MGM Park to make that dream a reality. In November of 2014, the Biloxi Shuckers team name is revealed. On April 2015, the Shuckers play their first ever game as an organization. Finally, tomorrow, June 6th 2015, the Shuckers will come home to play their first game at their new field.
General Manager Buck Rogers says, “We’ve worked our butts off and tomorrow we’re gonna enjoy the benefit of that. Along with all the fans that were patient enough, all our corporate partners, city officials, and everybody involved that were patient, we’re going to enjoy it all coming together tomorrow night. It will all be worth it.”
Fans formed a long line this morning outside the team store after learning more tickets for Opening Day were available. The fans aren’t the only ones eager for tomorrow night; the players are probably more excited to come home after a long 54 games on the road. Even with all the stress being on the road can bring, the Shuckers have managed to remain in first place in the Southern League. “I’ve got to salute our guys,” said Rogers, “They really hung in there, did a good job. They could have taken the approach woe is me and let their game suffer. True professionals. They did a great job and I’m proud of them.”
If you don’t have a ticket to tomorrow’s game, you can catch a glimpse of the home team before first pitch during the city’s “Ultimate Game Day Experience.” Festivities will kick off at 12:45 with everything from batting cages, radar guns and a meet and greet with the players themselves. So whether you’re in the stands or out on the streets, it’s sure to be a fun time for all.

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