Short term rental decisions

There’s a bill pending in the state Senate proposing the state will take over all regulations involving short term rental.

Senator Angela Burks Hill proposed Senate Bill 2693. If the bill passes, short term rental decisions would be out of the hands of the cities.

The City of Biloxi is opposed to the bill, telling News 25 it will diminish the ability to govern the community.

The city believes this is a land use and zoning measure and it’s best decided by local residents.  Vincent Creel with City of Biloxi public affairs said, “To take that zoning away from the local people, the local residents, the local business people, we just think that would be an unnecessary burden and take away the voice of local citizens.”

Creel tells News 25 Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich is in touch with local legislators to express the concern of the city.

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