Shopping for Halloween costumes on a budget

Halloween is right around the corner and many people are trying to find costumes without breaking the bank.

According to the National Retail Association, in 2021, $3.32 billion was spent on costumes nationally. That’s an average of $102 per Halloween shopper.

At Goodwill, you can find reasonable priced costumes, decorations, and accessories to get in the Halloween spirit.

Not only are you saving money, but by shopping at Goodwill your dollars also help fund employment placement, job training, credentials, digital skills, and other support services so that people in our community can tap into the power of work and improve their lives. Goodwill Industries of South Mississippi President and CEO Tripp Harrison said, “Shopping at Goodwill during the Halloween season. We have got incredible opportunities for you to do it yourself and put together some various costumes and also half of our stores around here, we have accessories that you can help put something together. So, let’s say you are going to put together a witch costume, we have dresses. We also have the hats and the different things that you can put around you, maybe a cape or mask that you can really have some fun and really get into the Halloween season.”

There are 11 Goodwill locations across the Coast with an array of items to get you ready for Halloween.

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