Shop local at the weekly Pass Market

Outdoor markets have become a popular trend during the pandemic as they allow shoppers to buy local while staying within safety guidelines.

Each Saturday, local artists and vendors gather at War Memorial Park at the weekly Pass Market.

Attending outdoor markets has become a new trend on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Local vendors set up at War Memorial Park every Saturday to showcase hand made artwork. Bryan Wood, a local vendor at the Pass Christian Marketplace, tells New 25 why it is important to shop local. “We would really appreciate everybody coming out to do business with us because a lot of people are starving artists and this is what they do to make money.”

Wood and his wife are both disabled and have been selling crochet pieces for years as a way to make extra money. When COVID-19 hit, they turned their hobby into a business. “During the COVID-19 that’s what she did for hours at a time. We got more stuff. This is what we do. We go to different places, festivals, and events to sale our crafts.”

Some artists started coming to the market more often because of the number of art shows that were canceled. Backwater Studio vendor Kathleen Johnson said, “We have spent more time at market than we probably have ever before, all of us, and I started coming back here.”

Although COVID-19 has impacted many local businesses, the art industry has a newfound customer base. “The coronavirus can be thanked for quadrupling the business for the artist and the reason is a lot of the community came back to the Coast because they felt safe here.”

The outdoor setup allows visitors to shop local and safe. The market place is open every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. if weather permits.

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