Shooting at a Barber College in Waveland

Police have now identified the gunman in the Waveland shooting that took place earlier this afternoon at a barber college. News 25’s Kendra Turley brings us the latest from that investigation.
What was supposed to be a typical day of teaching and learning at this barber college in Waveland, quickly escalated to a day filled with violence. Owner of Unique Transition Training Center Constance St. Julien-Mims said, “Well, really it was a sickening situation. I had a customer that came in to get his hair done, got a haircut and was waiting for another client to leave.”
That’s when 31-year-old Leif Eric Dasco of Waveland arrived and confronted the client, leading to a physical altercation between the two males that traveled to the parking lot. When bystanders attempted to break up the brawl, Dasco grabbed a gun from the backseat of his car and opened fire.
The gunman fired multiple rounds, hitting one man in the leg and shattering the glass window of a car. “At the time, I was running toward him to tell him to stop. He was about no more than about four or five feet from me, shooting past me. He could’ve killed me,” said St. Julien-Mims.
The client also suffered a gun wound to his shoulder and was later taken to Hancock Medical Center for treatment. Waveland Police Chief David Allen said, “We are still talking to witnesses and talking to the victim and getting down to exactly who and why. Motive is important, as well.”
Julien-St. Mims tells News 25 the shooting stemmed from heated disagreements between the two males on social media. “It’s ironic and stupid that so many people get upset over Facebook posts and stuff like that. That’s what all this stuff stems from. What can somebody do to you on Facebook that would make you want to kill them?”
Felony warrants for aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied building have been issued for Dasco.
Anyone with information on Dasco’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Waveland Police Department at 228-255-9191.

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