Ship Island Restoration Project

Visitors who make their way to Ship Island will see a first in 50 years!

The massive split on the island, known as the ‘Camille Cut’ has been filled. This morning, the National Park Service and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came together alongside representatives from the Department of the Interior, state officials and members of congress to celebrate the barrier island’s restoration.

When Hurricane Camille ripped through the Sound in 1969, Ship Island was split in two and at one point, both sections of the island were close to rejoining, but Hurricane Katrina came through and ripped a three and a half mile cut.

During today’s ceremony officials said now that phase one, the actual connection of the split, is complete phase two will get underway. Gulf Island National Seashore Chief of Communications Brent Everitt said, “Phase two is going to widen that connection and build it up in elevation so that the connection can be sustainable. Barrier islands are critical to the coastal community. They act as a barrier for not only for our coastal environments that we have here along the Coast, but also for our homes and communities. The barrier islands play a very important role year round in our natural environment and also especially as we come up to hurricane season.”

Phase two should be complete spring of 2021.

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