Ship Island Excursions returns this weekend

A new season for Ship Island Excursions starts this weekend!

Employees have been preparing all week, restocking the snack bar on the ferry, and setting up chairs along the island.

Last year, the ferry brought more than 50,000 visitors to the island between the months of March and October.

The island offers a lot of different beach activities, along with playing an important role in the history and settlement of the Gulf Coast.

You are allowed to bring a backpack and a small cooler for the trip. You can also plan how long you want to spend out on the island.

Dolphin cruises will be available also. Captain Louis Skrmetta said, “It’s the first beautiful, natural sand beaches east of New Orleans, clear green swimming beaches and clear green water. For first timers, they will swim in the sound, but realize it is very shallow and we don’t have the wave action like we do on Ship Island.”

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