Sheriff Defends Decision to Fire Louie Miller

The controversy continues in the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department over the firing of Louie Miller.

Friday, Interim Sheriff, Charles Britt, re-affirms that Miller was fired after an internal investigation found he violated several departmental policies, not because of political reasons. Miller’s attorney says he was simply following Britt’s orders and has audio recordings to prove it. Miller is not leaving quietly.

After being fired this week from the results of an internal investigation of diesel oil on Singing River Island, Miller says there’s more to the story. Last week, before the investigation was completed, Miller secretly recorded a conversation with Britt about the diesel oil. Britt says, "I don’t think there was a problem with the way, if there was a problem with the way we discussed doing it, and it happened that way, then you’re right, it’s on me."

Here, Britt says there was not a problem with the way the oil was handled and that he knew reports weren’t being filed on the oil. Adam Miller, Louie Miller’s attorney, says, "The Sheriff has known that there wasn’t a report filed almost two months ago, but at that time he wasn’t critical of Louie Miller. He didn’t terminate him, he didn’t suspend him, he didn’t threaten to sanction him in some manner."

Britt says the investigation found there was more than just unfiled paperwork. Britt also says, "There were other factors that we had to make sure were covered. We had an issue or a question: was the fuel good? If the fuel was good, we shouldn’t have disposed of it. So those issues had to be looked into."

Britt says there were other policy violations besides Miller not filing paperwork that led to his termination, but Miller feels he is the scapegoat in the oil debacle where he was simply following orders the Sheriff dictated. Adam Miller also says, "He was involved in the process, he makes the judgment calls, he takes responsibility."

Jackson County Board of Supervisors President, Troy Ross, says the Civil Service Commission is now looking into the Sheriff’s decision to terminate Miller to determine whether it was a fair decision or not. Miller’s attorney, Adam Miller, says Louie wants his termination removed and to be re-instated in his position.

When asked whether Louie plans to sue the Sheriff, his lawyer responded, "We intend to pursue all legal options."

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