Shady’s Mermaid Dive Bar

It’s a dive bar that’s been around for more than a decade. Now, Shady’s in Biloxi has reopened with a new twist.
Shady’s Mermaid Dive Bar, as it is now called, has faced scrutiny with the public and is looking to regain its popularity within the community.
The dive bar has added a few changes to its menu as well as revamping the former restaurant with a more vibrant atmosphere, adding extra TVs and giving the servers a mermaid style look that customers are sure to remember.
Restaurant Owner Kay Shafer tells News 25 the reopened bar just needed a facelift. “It’s sort of an under the sea vibe in here. So, this side will be very family friendly and fun and some vibrant music and the other side is a little more quiet for business meetings or people on date night for people to just kind of sit. Two different vibes within the same building, but same excellent food that we’ve always been known for.”
Shafer says the restaurant will have lobster every Monday at a discount price and other specials to bring customers out.

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