Seventh annual Mardi Gras Mambo at Lyman Community Center

Hundreds of seniors gathered at the Lyman Community Center in Gulfport to celebrate the 7th annual Mardi Gras Mambo.

Gulfport Coast Medical Supply, Southern Care Hospice Services, and the City of Gulfport provided live music, door prizes, and food.

Over 30 vendors were set up to pass out information on medical care, senior living, and insurance.

Seniors were also able to mix and mingle with friends. City of Gulfport Special Events Manager Brittany Dyess said, “We are just excited that we are able to come together with the seniors. It’s a great time for them to get together with one another, especially if they have lost a loved one and especially going through COVID. It’s just a good day for them to get ready for Mardi Gras.”

At the Mardi Gras Mambo, seniors were also able to get their blood pressure checked.

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