Seven Year Plan for Biloxi

The city of Biloxi will be very busy over the next seven years. Officials are exploring 29 new projects, ranging from hotels to new roads. Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich discussed the plans at a special meeting this morning.
Twenty-nine potential projects are now in store for the city of Biloxi to help keep the Coast beautiful and thriving. Officials say a strong future is not about reinventing the wheel but capitalizing on the strengths the Coast already has. “The look and feel of the Biloxi authentic experience, working boat tourism, water front experience, I think that is what we want to return to Biloxi,” said Mayor FoFo Gilich.
While these projects are still in the very beginning stages and not yet official, Mayor Gilich feels they each contribute to the betterment of Biloxi, bringing in more business and improving the environment. One of the bigger projects proposed is to build a hotel next to the baseball stadium. “Hotel right next to the stadium and of course it will be key in identifying some of the development opportunities in the adjoining blocks in streets and that is sort of the next step to revitalize Howard Avenue and downtown Caillavet Street.”
Also on the list is re-opening Howard Avenue to two-way traffic, new fire stations, retail and seafood development, waterfronts, high-tech centers in downtown and west Biloxi, and more. Seven hundred million dollars could be financed over multiple years using federal, state, local and private funds.
The city says its biggest project is creating a beach connector road which will link Interstate 10 and Highway 90. This goal alone will cost $250 million. “It’s a great opportunity to take Highway 67 just due south to Highway 90, so across Interstate 10, across the Back Bay and river area and into the new four lane Popp’s Ferry Bridge,” said Mayor Gilich.
The idea is to provide smoother commutes, whether you’re driving to the beach or evacuating a hurricane. “Evacuation is a big thing because you know you’re stuck with only a couple of bridges open,  that will be the only way you can get across,” said Mayor Gilich.
The 29 projects are part of Biloxi’s seven year plan, ambitious goals for a resilient city.
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