Seven days to remove the nativity scene

Less than a day after the members of the Harrison County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to keep nativity scene on display in its courthouse in Gulfport, the Washington D.C. based American Humanist Association has announced its plans to sue.


What began as one complaint from a bothered citizen has now multiplied, according to the American Humanist Association, which is threatening to sue Harrison County if the Christian nativity scene is still standing at the courthouse after seven days. "We’ve gotten a lot of people contacting us saying that they’re very glad that we’re standing up for church state separation and the rights of religious minorities," says David Niose, of the AHA.


The intention to file a lawsuit follows a vote by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to keep the nativity scene on display. County leaders say they’re simply upholding a 20 year tradition, its residents strongly value. 


The American Humanist Association sent a letter to the county on December 9th, calling the display unconstitutional and threatening a lawsuit if the display was not permanently removed. The group says the focus of the lawsuit is not just about the endorsement of Christianity, but about enforcing the separation between church and state.

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