Setting the stage for Mississippi Freedom Rally Saturday, May 9th

They’re rallying the troops, calling on all citizens from all walks of life in South Mississippi to unite tomorrow to celebrate freedom and rights, rights event organizers say have been pushed aside in the wake of COVID-19.

A picture perfect scene Friday at the Biloxi Lighthouse Pavilion as organizers set the stage for a wave of residents, business owners, and politicians to gather Saturday at noon for the Mississippi Freedom Rally. Mississippi Freedom Rally Organizer E. Brian Rose said, “The Mississippi Freedom Rally is a celebration of freedom and liberty that sometimes you just don’t really appreciate until it’s taken from you, which has happened over the last couple of weeks.”

The focus: citizens’ rights, something organizers E. Brian Rose and Dan Carr say have been violated recently as they point to what they call overreaching lockdown orders handed down by government officials throughout our nation. “All across the nation, politicians have been unilaterally and unconstitutionally locking people in their houses. This is not a situation where they are quarantining sick people. They’re quarantining everybody, and that’s not what we do. We have to protect the vulnerable, but you do it in ways that doesn’t punish those who don’t fall into that demographic.”

Organizers say they are looking forward to a sea of Red, White, and Blue, Democrats, Republicans, those who don’t care about politics, but who do want to stand up for their rights with the assurance of not being fined or doing jail time. “We have been granted a permit from the City of Biloxi, so we don’t expect any problems with the City of Biloxi. They’ve been cooperative.”

Carr said, “I think it’s safe to say all Democrats and Republicans alike, they have to feed their families. They want to go to work. I believe that’s a common denominator for all Mississippians.”

As people throughout America take to the streets to protest what they also call an overreach of government, including a Texas judge jailing and fining a Texas hair salon owner and mother of two, these two rally behind what they call better decision making here on the local and state level. “If we were in China, or if we were in North Korea, we wouldn’t be having this Freedom Rally on Saturday, but because we are Americans and Mississippians, we’re allowed to have this rally on Saturday.”

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