Servicemen And Women Headed To Texas

Members of the 1st battalion, 1-85th aviation regiment based out of Tupelo, hit the road Fort Hood, Texas, yesterday for eventual service in Kosovo.
Approximately 130 soldiers are deploying for approximately 10 months in support of operation joint guardian. Of that number, approximately 60 troops are assigned to the regiment’s headquarters in Tupelo, with the remaining 70 guardsmen assigned to companies A and D, 1-185th are in Jackson.

“I’m proud that he doing what he loves, but momma’s not loving it right now.”
– Kim Barnes, Mother

“I’m feeling okay right now. Until it’s time to go, I know she’s gonna cry. Are you gonna miss me when I leave? I’m just ready for this experience and I’m ready to get back to her.”
– Sergeant Syreeta Wright

The unit will provide rotary wing aviation lift support using UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters during their Balkans deployment.

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