Sensory Sundays at Lynn Meadows

The Lynn Meadows Discovery Center is making their facility more accommodating to autistic children.

Once a month, Lynn Meadows opens their doors early for Sensory Sundays, a program for those with autism. From 10 to 12 they turn off the loud noises and lights that could trigger someone on the spectrum all while the child still gets to enjoy the museum.

Sensory Sundays are funded by the Gulf Coast Community Project so the children can come in at no cost to the parents. Lynn Meadows Employee Joseph Jones said, “It’s a very, very good program because what it does it gives them the time to interact and also for the families who have kids with autism they can come in with the less noise and stress and it gives us a time to sit down and we get to know these children a little bit better, too.”

The next Sensory Sunday will be August 12th. Visit for more details.

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