Seniors compete in Bocce Ball during Senior Games in Woolmarket

The Senior Games are happening across the Coast and this morning, seniors competed in a bocce ball tournament.

The Senior Games offer senior citizens an opportunity to participate in athletic events to enhance their quality of life and result in a healthy lifestyle.

The game also offers a social network for participants to develop friendships and share in the athletic experience with others who have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Although bocce ball is still pretty new to the Coast, the seniors enjoyed competing in the skillful and strategic game.  David Biagini with the Mississippi Society of Italian Americans said, “The object is to get your ball, the harder clay ball, closest to the small white or yellow ball called the pallino and a team, you have eight balls, four per team, and you get so many points based on how many balls are closest to that pallino.”

The Mississippi Society of Italian Americans is looking to form a coastwide bocce league.

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