Senior Matters: senior citizen weight-lifting champion

Lifting 328 pounds would be a struggle for anyone, now try if you were 78-years-old. Here’s the full story of this weight-lifting champion in this week’s Senior Matters.

Sidney Soson began his journey at a later age than most. Now, he holds multiple titles for weight-lifting and has beaten his own records multiple times. His most recent accomplishment is a bench press of 325 pounds which set a national and state record for his age group. “It keeps me healthy and being 78-years-old the Lord has blessed me.”

Soson starts his routine by lifting 185 and then working up to 225 and then finishes off with a whopping 315 pounds. He works out with guys and girls that are much younger than he is, but he doesn’t miss a beat next to them. Soson hopes to inspire younger generations and senior citizens to reach for their goals and to stay active.

James Scarborough is a workout friend of Soson’s. He said, “He’s my hero. He’s not supposed to be able to do what he’s doing at his age. He is an inspiration to me to come in here and try to get better. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I can’t wait to get to the gym and it’s mostly because of Sid.”

Sid and James told News 25 what they think the future holds for Sid. Their answers were strikingly similar. “I think more titles,” said Scarborough. “As long as he is still kicking we’re still going to be lifting.”

“I’ll be doing it until the day they lay me down,” said Soson.

Soson’s next goal is to bench 405 before he is 80. On June 28th, he is set to do another lift in Hattiesburg.

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