Senior Mardi Gras Ball

Mardi Gras is something everyone young and ‘seasoned’ should enjoy on the Coast. That’s why the Bay Cove Assisted Living and Memory Care Center hosted their 5th annual Mardi Gras Ball.

Who said there was an age limit on Mardi Gras festivities? Clearly no one at the Bay Cove Assisted Living Center as the Crewe of Rockers and Rollers enjoyed a little Mardi Gras mambo. Betty Whitehead is originally from Kentucky. She said, “I had never seen a Mardi Gras or anything before until I came here. This is real nice.”

Bay Cove Activity Director Cathy Sando said, “If they can’t get out, whatever it is, whether it’s Mardi Gras or Valentine’s Day, we want to make sure it happens.”

This Mardi Gras Ball had a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy such as beads, food, music and they crowned their own king and queen. Crewe of Rockers and Rollers Queen Shirley Sheppard said, “I’ve been the queen of the house for a long time, but this is great.”

Crewe of Rockers and Rollers King Tom Hewes said, “It’s a good time to celebrate. There’s a lot of good feelings.”

Betty Schultz tells News 25 she enjoys being the life of the party this time of year. “Well, it’s such a historic thing. It’s been going on so long. It’s great to be a part of it.”

It’s all a way to make sure senior citizens on the Coast aren’t excluded from any of the Mardi Gras fun. “I love it. It’s really super. It’s like this all the time.”

“The best place in Biloxi is right here at Bay Cove.”

“As long as I put a smile on their face every day, we want to make them feel alive again.”

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