Senior Fall Fair at the Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands

The Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands is a new upscale community living facility for seniors.

Today, they offered their seniors and community members a chance to get out and enjoy some fresh air.

Seniors were able to network, gather information about useful resources, and enjoy some fun games. A shredding tent was also on site to help those looking to safely shred documents.

Seniors and community members were also able to enjoy on-site health screenings and light refreshments. Community Relations Director Marissa Butterfield said, “So, a lot of the games that we have, of course, involve physical movement which is important in their lives. Just the walk alone does them well and any kind of information they have on medical equipment home care services and of course senior living options.”

This is just one of many community events the Claiborne at Gulfport Highlands puts on for seniors.

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