Senator Wicker on Trump Controversy

U.S. Senator Roger Wicker is a Donald Trump supporter, but says he doesn’t agree with Trump’s recent controversial interaction with the father of a slain Muslim U.S. Soldier.
Senator Wicker was on the Coast today making a few stops, including one at a meeting by the Gulf Regional Planning Commission, where he took time to address the presidential candidate’s latest situation, stemming from Trump’s suggestion that the mother of a Muslim soldier, killed in Iraq, was not allowed to speak at the Democratic National Convention and that Trump had made a number of sacrifices for our country, in response to the mother’s comment that Trump knows nothing about sacrifice.
“I would say that any family who has lost a child in military service is due our utmost respect and that certainly goes to our gold star moms and dads around the country. I hope that he will be a little more disciplined in things he says that might be misconstrued,” said Senator Wicker.
Wicker says Trump still has his vote. He tells News 25 Trump should focus more on the issues that our country and our economy are facing.

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