Senator Wicker on Republican National Convention

Today is day three of the Republican National Convention.
So far we’ve seen everything from protests to alleged plagiarism. Senator Roger Wicker has been there to witness it all, but he believes it is America taking its rightful position again as the leader of the free world will be a theme that resonates with voters this year.
This year, Senator Wicker says he was honored to be able to speak on behalf of Republican senators and talk about their record of accomplishments while representing our state. “On behalf of Republican senators, I talk about our record of accomplishments sending 31 Senate bills to be signed into law by the president, an accomplishment which nobody’s done since 1990. It was a great honor for me and the first time I’ve been able to speak.”
Senator Wicker says a less regulated federal government that unleashes job creators and creates more jobs is what they’d like to see a Trump and Pence ticket accomplish.

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