Senator Hyde-Smith addresses issue with farm bill

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith sought commitments to find solutions to a growing shortage of large animal veterinarians in rural areas.

Hyde-Smith used a Senate agriculture committee hearing called ‘Farm Bill 2023’ to highlight the need for the new farm bill to include better incentives to recruit more veterinarians to serve in rural areas.

The overall hearing addressed research, extension, and education programs.

The senator said the USDA administered veterinary medicine loan repayment program is diminished by the federal taxes on awards intended to help recruit veterinarians for rural communities. “In Mississippi, we have a tremendous shortage and across the country that threaten the long-term viability of our livestock industries. We have counties in Mississippi that don’t even have large animal veterinarian and that’s really what we’re hearing across the entire country. And as you well know, our food security and economic security are put at risk.”

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