Sen. Roger Wicker opposes proposed red snapper limits

Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi is calling on the Department of Commerce to reject a proposed annual catch limit on red snapper submitted by NOAA.

Wicker told the Department of Commerce that if implemented next year, the new catch limits would reduce Mississippi’s quota by 60 percent, drastically cutting the recreational season for Mississippians.

In a statement, Wicker said, “This proposed rule is deeply flawed, based on bad science, and does a disservice to the public.”

Wicker said he’s frustrated that while NOAA, fishermen, and environmentalists agree that they need better data, NOAA is still basing its quota reduction on what Wicker calls a ‘biased federal survey, despite Mississippi having spent resources to ensure good data.’

He added, “clearly, NOAA is more interested in giving lip service to better data than properly managing this critical fishery for the public.”

On a related note, DMR announced this year’s snapper season opens August 12th.

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