Seeking justice for La’Mello Parker

Today, the family of La’Mello Parker and supporting organizations came together to hold a press conference outside the Gulfport Police Department calling for police accountability.

On May 3rd, three-month-old La’Mello Parker was shot and killed along Interstate 10 during a shootout between law enforcement and the infant’s father.

An autopsy determined the baby died of a single gunshot wound. Jeremy Parker, La ’Mello’s uncle, was at work when he received the call that his nephew had been killed. “That was the worst day of my life, to see my people like that.”

Four months later, the Parker family and the community are still mourning the infant’s death and are left with many unanswered questions. To get the attention of law enforcement, they took to the steps of the Gulfport Police Department demanding answers. Mississippi Rising Coalition President Lea Campbell said, “We have no information on the results of the ballistics study that has reportedly been done. We have no idea about the status of the investigation.”

Ados Mississippi Vice President said, “We pay the salaries of these police officers so that information should be made available to the public at this point.”

The Parker family and the organizations say that they want transparency with the police department. They want to see the body cam footage. They want to see eyewitness footage. They also want more information to be published on this case. “People need to know y’all did wrong. Just own up for what you did, just like you want other people to own up. So, own up for your account.”

“We hope to get a response and some communication going with the involved law enforcement agencies.”

Gulfport Police, Mississippi Highway Patrol State Troopers, and Harrison County Sheriff’s deputies were involved in the final moments on Interstate 10. Biloxi police are handing the ongoing investigation. “We just need answers you know.”

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