Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro visits Ingalls Shipbuilding for tour

Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro joined Ingalls Shipbuilding today for a shipyard tour.

Along with Del Toro was U.S. Senators Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith and U.S. Representative Steven Palazzo.

This tour featured three ships, the amphib ship LPD 29 and two destroyer ships DDG 125 and DDG 1002.

Del Toro was also given updates on infrastructure projects as well as an overview of shipbuilding programs on the 800-acre shipyard facility.

Ingalls is the only shipyard in the country with four major shipyard programs.

These include the Coast Guard program, destroyers program, and two amphib programs, the LPDs and the LHAs. Del Toro said, “The president has asked that we actually bring our forces to a high level of readiness and deployment as necessary to meet whatever mission is required, and so we have great ships that were built by Ingalls. For example, today in Rota and in the Mediterranean that are fulfilling that mission, and that’s the role that Ingalls plays.”

Senator Roger Wicker said, “We’re glad to have him here to show him what we think is the best yard in the United States of America.”

Ingalls currently has 11 ships under construction. Five of them are DDGs, three are LPDs, two are NSCs, and one is an LHA.

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