Second round of COVID-19 vaccines administered at Coast Coliseum

Today at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum the second dose of COVID vaccines went out to patients.

The Mississippi Department of Health prepared to give 210 second doses of the Moderna vaccine to those who received their first dose in early January.

Most people who now qualify for their second dose are healthcare workers and patients in long-term care facilities. These patients were sent an email with an appointment time to receive their second dose and the vaccination process was complete in about 45 minutes. Gulf Coast Pediatric Dentistry Dental Assistant Sarah Ranatza said, “I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. I’m super excited. I’m ready for this to be finished. The first dose I just had a sore arm like the first few days. Later I had some redness around the injection site, but everything went back to normal. I just want to make sure everybody stays safe. Being in the dental field, being in people’s mouths, I just want to keep everybody safe and keep myself safe.”

Friday is the next day the coliseum will distribute second doses of COVID vaccines so continue to check your email for your second dose appointment.

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