Second Moss Point mayor and board of aldermen meeting

The second regular session for the Moss Point mayor and board of aldermen kicked off tonight. And after reading just a few items on the agenda, things heated up quickly.

“I’ve been mayor for two years and one month at this point and I’ve had to fight this board since I’ve been here,” King said. The battle continued with Tuesday night’s Moss Point Board of Aldermen meeting.

Items on the agenda included requests from Mayor King asking that the board members not interfere with day-to-day operations, check their city emails regularly, and address a five percent salary reduction for an alderman who has missed a total of 26 regular scheduled and special called meetings.

“I want the board to support me and I want them to be able to be on the forefront of the mission and vision,” King said. “I want to say that they buy into the mission and vision and I want them to be more supportive. I need them at this point. I need the board to be supportive of me. I want to work with them professionally.”

Shelby Hawkins is a lifelong resident of Moss Point. “I’ve grown up here. My children have grown up here and are educated here. I am concerned about what is going on, the things that are taking place in our city.”

She says it is discouraging to see the division in the local government. “I hope that the mayor and the board can come together and reach an agreement so our city can start to move forward.”

One thing that stuck out on the agenda was item 7.7, which looks to address Alderman Sherwood Bradford’s sporadic and erratic behavior and comments toward the women at City Hall. The agenda cited comments like “200 pounds,” “fat,” “trashy,” and that “no one wanted.”

Mayor King said, “Since I’ve been elected, I’ve had a difficult time because of my age working with this board. I want to be able to see this board work with me. I had so much faith and hope that we would be able to be the best board and mayor combination that was out there. I really value each one of them and this is just a disappointment, but I hope we can move forward.”

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