Second Mobile Fab Lab debuts at Pass Christian High

Students at Pass Christian High got to experience a new and unique way to learn about STEM subjects.

It’s science on wheels! Chevron Community Affairs Representative Amy Brandenstein said, “It’s helping prepare our future workforce. I mean, these are skills that are going to be needed for the future.”

Chevron, along with Chemours and the Mississippi Power Foundation, unveiled the Coast’s second mobile Fab Lab at Pass Christian High School, bringing STEM technology to schools in Harrison County and surrounding communities in the process. “The Fab Lab has all kinds of high-tech equipment, like laser engravers that the students can use to take many of the projects that they do in the classroom to a whole nother level.”

The Fab Lab makes its way to Harrison County following high demand for the stationary lab in Vancleave and first mobile lab in Jackson County.

Principal Boyd West of Pass Christian High says the lab allows teachers at the school to use the technology across all different forms of curriculum. “Our English teachers are going to be in there, our foreign language teachers can go in there, our history teachers. We’re going to inject STEM into everything that we do here. It’s a great opportunity for us.”

The lab’s ability to transport items such as robots and 3D printers into real classrooms means that students with an interest in STEM subjects can now gain more hands-on experience. Pass Christian High junior Taylor Tinsley said, “I want to go into engineering, so getting these opportunities is really eye-opening and it’s really helping me and other students see like what you can get to do with this.”

“Once you turn a kid loose with some ideas and technology, anything can happen. So it’s going to be a great opportunity,” said West.

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