Search Continues for Missing Hancock County K-9

Authorities in Hancock and Pearl River counties have joined up in a massive search spanning their counties. They are all searching for one of their own, a deputy’s K-9 named Radar, who went missing after a wreck near Picayune last night.
“He’s lost, confused, doesn’t know where he’s at. He’s really timid, so we’re out here trying to find him,” said Commander Jeremy Skinner, with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department.
The search continues for deputy K-9 Radar, the beloved companion of a Hancock County deputy who’s had him since he was a puppy. Commander Skinner said, “It’s a really tight bond between them, it’s a family member.”
Last night Radar and his deputy owner were on their way to assist the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department in tracking a lost teenager. The deputy was t-boned at the Walkiah Bluff and Burnt Bridge Road intersection. The pen was ejected from the vehicle and the deputy was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but Radar is still on the loose. “We treat these dogs the same as we would treat any deputy,” said Commander Skinner, “If we had a deputy that was lost, we would continue to search for them until we found them. Just like this, we’re going to continue to search until he’s recovered, no matter how long it takes.”
Since last night, about 50 to 60 Hancock County and Pearl River County deputies and event volunteers, who came all the way from Jackson, have been combing the area and knocking door-to-door in search of the K-9.
These guys have been searching out here all day with Radar’s brother, Thumper. Shawn Nations, treasurer for the Mississippi Blood Trailing Network, said, “Our dogs are family. When you have dogs, there’s a bond there. Even though our dogs are not search and rescue dogs for the police department, we still felt it necessary for us to be here and show our support.”
Radar is wearing a black reflective collar that says ‘Sheriff.’ Anyone who sees this dog is asked to call the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Department at (601)-798-5528.

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