Search Continues for Burglary Suspects

The holiday season brings out the best in most people but it can bring out the worst in others. There has been a surge in burglaries and robberies in our area, especially Biloxi. News 25’s Kristen Durand spoke with law enforcement today who says these are often crimes of opportunity and offer ways residents can safeguard themselves.
Monday morning, the Biloxi Police Department identified Jason Aldridge as a suspect in a rash of recent car burglaries on Howard Avenue, just one of many still on the loose this holiday season. Chief of Criminal Investigations Division Major Michael Wills said, “We received several leads this weekend and just as early as this morning, we received two more calls on information to the subject’s possible whereabouts.”
Police are also following leads from Friday’s robbery at First Bank on Pass Road and they are actively searching for a man identified as David Beckman, a suspect in another car burglary on Pass Road. Often times, these are crimes of opportunity so it’s a good idea to keep your guard up and your valuables under lock and key. Lieutenant Christopher De Back said, “It is around the holidays that we do see a spike traditionally and we ask that if somebody sees anyone suspicious walking around cars to give us a call and we’ll check them out.”
There could be even more potential targets as people rush to pick up those last minute shopping deals but police say one simple check could reduce your risk of becoming a target. “Best bet is locking it, don’t leave anything in it. If you do leave something, don’t leave it in plain view where someone can see it,” said Major Wills.
Police say even if you’re a victim of a theft where nothing is stolen, it’s still important to report it no matter how insignificant it may seem. “Matter of fact, we solved a recent burglary, we found out after the fact, several vehicles burglarized in the neighborhood and after going back checking for any evidence we can find and we found out a neighbor had been burglarized as well but nothing was taken. We were able to get latent prints from that vehicle that led us to the suspect that did all of them,” said Major Wills.
Jackson County has also seen a spike in thefts, robberies and burglaries. Just this afternoon, the sheriff’s department sent out an advisory, asking people to lock up their vehicles, especially as they investigate a rash of auto burglaries in the Gulf Park Estates area of the county.

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