Search and Rescue Mission Continues

As the search continues for the Saucier businessman and two other passengers on the plane that crashed into the Gulf Monday, neighbors around the Belle Fountain Beach area show support and send prayers to the families of the passengers for their safe return home.
The rigorous search and rescue mission continues in the Belle Fontaine Beach area. Two additional agencies have now joined the effort to bring the three passengers home safely. The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration are assisting the Coast Guard, The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and DMR. Chief of Marine Patrol Keith Davis said, “Everyone that’s been involved in this search is very determined to bring closure to the family and we’re still hopeful. We’re still in the search and rescue phase of this operation and the men and women that are involved in this are tired but they are dedicated and committed to getting to a resolution.”
Residents living near the site where debris has washed up are still in disbelief. They send their thoughts and prayers to the families of the passengers. Christian Lane, who lives near Belle Fontaine Beach, said, “I know it must be really hard to cope with this and I know it must be really, really scary. I know you’re probably all sitting on the edges of your seats awake at night waiting for them to come home, waiting for them to be found. I really, really hope that at some point they are found.”
Whiteboards map out the team’s action plan for the search and rescue mission. They’re using sonar and covering Horn Island, Round Island, and Singing River Island during this operation.
Marine Patrol has been sifting the waters throughout the day while the Coast Guard continued from the air, hoping to end the search and rescue mission and bring closure to families waiting for news of their loved ones.

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