Search and Recovery Mission

The search and rescue mission for the three missing passengers transitions to a search and recovery mission.
Chief of Marine Patrol Keith Davis said, “We have obviously committed a lot of man hours to this effort. Our guys are very tired and we want to give them some opportunities to recuperate themselves.”
The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources held a press conference Thursday afternoon explaining its plans to continue the search for the three men and the wreckage of the plane but only throughout the day.
The search included sonar usage in an area they believe is significant in bringing closure to the investigation. “The search area includes the original debris fill that we located on Monday back east towards the Mississippi state-Alabama state line,” said Davis.
But as the sun started to set Thursday afternoon, DMR started its transition from rescue to recovery.
The families of the missing passengers are aware of the change that will occur once the sun does set but they’re still asking for the public’s help in bringing their loved ones back home. Executive Director of the DMR Jamie Miller said, “They’re obviously also tired. So we told them we would continue to stay in touch with them and communicate with them as we had additional information.”
Numerous citizens set sail, assisting DMR with the search for the three missing businessmen Gerald Miletello, Dexter Brewer and Ron Gregory. Authorities still advise the public to not touch or retrieve anything that may be related to the plane accident.
More than 15 agencies played a role in the search and rescue effort.

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