Seafood industry is the focus of USM professor’s new book

Earlier this evening, many gathered at the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum for the launch of Dr. Deanne Stephens’ book “The Mississippi Gulf Coast Seafood Industry: A People’s History.”

The University of Southern Mississippi history professor’s book is based on nearly 20 years of research that includes oral history of multiple local families that dedicated their lives to the seafood industry.

The book also features the history of the waves of immigrants and others in the seafood industry who helped bolster the economy of the entire coastal region.

Dr. Stephen says she was first inspired to write this book when she moved to the Coast from Michigan and began listening to people talk about the seafood culture in the area. “This is by no means a definitive book. There are numerous families just for lack of space and energy. Everybody should be able to pick this up and begin telling other family stories and get it out there for us. It’s our coastal history. We need it.”

For her next project, Stephens is working with historian Russell Barnes on a project about the people who built the shrimp boats.

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