Seabees remembering 9/11

The Seabees held a remembrance ceremony this morning on their base in Gulfport, gathering in honor of the American lives lost during 9/11.
Prayers were said and a table was set for the victims and responders involved during the New York terror attacks. NMCB Chief Select Melanie Taylor said, “We as service members and the community in general need to look back on that day and there’s a lot of people, younger service members, coming into the military that were too young to remember, understand what they day meant and how it felt that day.”
NMCB Fire Chief Mark Henson said, “It was a terrible day from a firefighter’s perspective in that we lost 343 brothers and sisters, but it’s very important that we remember them and be with them always.”
The 9/11 attacks increased the need for more Seabees. All active and reserve Naval Mobile Construction Battalions and Naval Construction Regiments have been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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