Seabee veterans honor fallen brothers and sisters

Seabee veterans of all generations came together over the weekend to honor their fallen brothers and sisters.

The Seabee Historical Foundation held a brick dedication ceremony on Saturday at the Naval Construction Battalion Center. The foundation held the event for the Navy Seabee Veterans of America organization which was in the local area for a convention.

The gathering was held to honor all of the Seabees and civil engineer corps officers killed in action. The ceremony was held in the Memorial Plaza of the Battalion Center where 403 total bricks are laid out in front.

Each of these bricks has a name of a fallen soldier engraved into it with some ranging all the way back to 1942. Captain Jeffrey Powell, commanding officer of Naval Construction Battalion Center, said, “It’s vitally important. I mean this is why we continue to serve. I mean we serve for everybody in the United States but certainly those of our shipmates who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We want to remember them and we have a central place on base where we can do that. Having the veterans here makes it even more special. A lot of these folks before the ceremony I had to talk to a lot of these heroes and here some of their stories and it’s great to connect with them and really ties it together across the generations.”

The construction of the brick commemoration site was just recently completed after the first COVID spike.

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