Seabee Base Opens New Navy Exchange Mini Mart

Better foods for a better you, that’s the mission of the new Navy Exchange at the Seabee Base in Gulfport. The new store is five years in the making and is replacing one built in the 60s.

As soon as the doors opened Thursday morning, sailors lined up, waiting to buy goods at the new Navy Exchange on the Seabee Base. Gary King, Senior Vice President of Operations for the Navy Exchange System, says, "It’s really your grocery store, Seven Eleven, that’s what this store resembles, except for our queue on this is a better you, healthier living for the sailor and their families."

The aisles are paved with porcelain floors and filled with anything customers might need, from ice cold drinks to fruit parfaits delivered daily. King says the aisles even point out which items are "better for you.” King also says, "We’ve identified on every shelf this logo "better you" and we also have a blade that describes a healthier lifestyle, so as you’re shopping through the environment, a better you forecasts what is wellness and fitness for the Navy."

The mini mart is civilian friendly too. Anyone with access to the base is allowed to shop there as long as they do not purchase alcohol or tobacco products. Brandy Glenn Asher, General Manager of the Navy Exchange, says, "September 1st, we had a change in policy that would allow anybody who has access to the base, that would be like our D.O.D. personnel, can now purchase consumables to come here on a daily basis for lunch or what not."

One of the most exciting parts of the grand opening is that the Navy base will now offer diesel fuel. It is the first diesel fuel pump the Navy has for the Seabees. Asher also says, "We expect that will be a big hit with a lot of our truck drivers here, and we’re excited to have that. We were told by our patrons it was something they really wanted added to the location."

Plans are underway to add more diesel pumps in the future, but these sailors are on board with the new store as it is convenient for them and their families as they carry out their duties to protect and defend our country. The exchange hopes to add more diesel pumps in the future and hopes the new mart will encourage sailors to lead healthier lives.

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