Seabee Base honors Medal of Honor recipient Marvin Shield with re-enactment ceremony

A historical dedication for the first and only United States Navy Seabee to be awarded the Medal of Honor, Marvin Glenn Shields, was recognized today with a re-enactment ceremony.

Shields was the first sailor to receive the Medal of Honor for heroism above and beyond the call of duty in the Vietnam War. Shields was killed by hostile fire while returning to his defensive position.

The historical depiction of the last moments of Marvin Shields’ life was held at NCBC Crane Yard on the Seabee Base. Chief Select Utilities man Daurell Winchester said, “Being in the Navy for 19 years. I’ve heard the story many of times, but never have I done something like this and re-enacted the acts that lead to his death and posthumous award of the Medal of Honor. So, it’s a big deal because we’ve heard it and to really have it sink in, his family may be watching this so I want to make sure I’m paying the proper respect to his family.”

The remembrance re-enactment of Marvin Shield is an annual ceremony.

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