Sea and Sail Adventure campers head to Deer Island

It was a beautiful day to go sailing and that’s just what a group of South Mississippi youngsters did today.

Seven weeks and going strong and on this day, it was smooth sailing for campers with the Sea and Sail Adventure Camp put on each year by the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum in Biloxi as they headed out to a popular Coast barrier island.

All aboard! South Mississippi youngsters and their instructors could barely contain their excitement as they boarded the Biloxi Schooner, the Mike Sekul, to venture out into the sparkling and mysterious waters of the Mississippi Sound Friday. Their destination was Deer Island. Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum Outreach Coordinator Corey Christy said, “It’s just one of the things they get to do through the week. They go on field trips all over the Coast. They get to go to Mobile one day. Lots of fishing and sailing, so they get a really good introduction to the maritime life.”

It’s Outreach Coordinator Corey Christy’s second year with the Sea and Sail summer camp, designed to provide local youth with a first-hand look at the Coast’s rich maritime history.

The camp has been a far-reaching educational adventure by land and sea to say the least, despite COVID restrictions this year. “This year’s been a little challenging with the COVID-19 outbreak, so we only have about half the kids each week that we would normally have, so we’re filled up for summer, but we’re hoping next year we can go full throttle again.”

You don’t need to be knee-high to take a tour on one of the two schooners docked at the Biloxi Schooner Pier. Tours are up and running and at full-throttle once again. “The schooners run most of the year, but we really crank it up for summer time.  We run most days of the week, twice on most weekend days. You can come out for $30 for an adult or $15 dollars for a child, and ride the schooner for two-and-a half hours and get a really neat ride back into the history of Biloxi.”

But on this day, it’s the kids, the future leaders of tomorrow, who get to taste the salt air and walk in the shoes of the very explorers and adventures who laid the foundation and who continue to build upon the rich history of our colorful Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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