What scientists are doing to restore our sea life on the Coast

The amount of sea-life found dead on the Coast this year is concerning marine experts.
Scientists at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies tell News 25 the heavy rainfall and impact from the hurricanes have disrupted habitats. Right now at IMMS, scientists are rehabilitating the world’s rarest species of whale: the melon head whale.
Health improvements have made it possible for the melon head whale to relocate into a new tank in the animal care sector of the institute.
The President of IMMS tells News 25 he’s proud the whale’s health has come such a long way. Dr. Moby Solangi said, “It came with pneumonia. It came with parasites. It came with gastrointestinal problems. We are learning about its physiology. We are learning about its behavior. Like I said, nothing is known about this species and so we are hoping that we would add to the scientific base once we’d be able to study it.”
The institute is also continuing to help restore six Kemp’s ridley sea turtles back to good health. These turtles are the most endangered species of sea turtles on earth.
Scientists here plan to release them back into the Gulf after they complete the rehab process.

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