School starts tomorrow for Ocean Springs School District

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the Ocean Springs School District and kids will have a COVID-19 policy to follow when they arrive on campus in the morning.

The Ocean Springs Board of Trustees voted three to two to implement a mask requirement to begin the school year which will be re-evaluated on a weekly basis.

Earlier today, meet the teacher took place at many of their schools, giving parents and students the opportunity to see the classroom and meet their teacher.

Last year meet and greets were not possible due to the pandemic. For parents at Magnolia Park Elementary, it puts their mind at ease getting to meet the teacher before school starts. It is especially important for the parents of youngsters that are attending school for the first time. Parent Jessica Douglas said, “I know that it’s very important for the kindergarten parents to be able to come in, see the building, and see where they’re sending their precious little one off for their first big adventure at school. So, I think parents in general all around the board feel good about starting the year off like this.”

The Ocean Springs School District adopted ‘together we soar’ as their new motto and they’re hoping to do just that.

The district says they’ll make changes to their academic plan if needed so they can provide a safe learning environment for their students.

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