School Bus Safety

A school bus catches fire on a California freeway. Two Houston teenagers die after  their school bus crashes in Texas  and just hours away from the coast, two Mississippians killed on the scene after plowing their suv into a school bus in Collins, Mississippi. These are just some of the recent school bus incidents in the past couple of weeks.  Long beach school district transportation director – "It’s a tragedy. It brings into focus just how important the job is and how dangerous it could be. "Thomas Mallini has been a long beach school district bus drive for the past 3 years. Thomas Mallini long beach school district bus driver, "You are the safety net between the school and the parent. You have to get their kid from school, back to their parent in a safe manner." There are multiple safety precautions bus drivers, passengers and drivers can take to prevent accidents from occurring. "Mallini tells News 25 that being in this seat as a bus driver is all about 2 things. Counting and Checking. Counting and making sure the number of students you see in your mirror are equal to the number of students you see get off of your bus and cross the street safely." for drivers it starts with being aware Thomas Mallini Long Beach school district bus driver "Some of the things I’ve seen an issue are texting and driving. That’s a major issue. If you’re texting on your phone, you could miss that stop arm that comes out while it’s flashing. If students are crossing that street, that could cause a major accident. "Many students are taught bus safety techniques in elementary- school. Bus drivers are required to review those techniques at the beginning of each school year. Ashlyn Elsworth 7th grader at long beach middle school "They go over all the rules and honestly they’re not trying to be mean when they tell you to do something. They’re just trying to help you with their safety." Officials are asking drivers, parents, school staff, even fellow students to respect the road at all- costs. If it takes a village to raise child, it takes a community to keep them safe.

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