Scarlet Pearl donates linens to the Humane Society of South Mississippi

The Humane Society of South Mississippi took some linens off the hands of Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort Hotel today.

For the donations, Scarlet Pearl loaded up a truck full of linens that would have otherwise been thrown away. They also brought in a load of supplies for all the potential pets waiting to be adopted.

Pallets of food and bedding were collected over the last month, plus things like toys and treats.

It’s all part of the Scarlet Pearl Cares initiative and Risk Manager Julia Jones was there to tell us about it. “From May 1st to May 17th our associates got together and we brought donations in for the Humane Society of South Mississippi. It’s part of Scarlet Pearl Cares, where we give back to our community. Being such a large organization like we are, I think we just have to do our part because we have a lot of associates. You know, everybody can do a little something and it ends up being a big donation like we have today.”

Scarlet Pearl Cares also puts on food drives and fundraisers in the community.

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