Scarlet Pearl Casino taking safety measures amid Coronavirus

In light of the Coronavirus spreading throughout the United States, here on the Coast, the Scarlet Pearl Casino is taking precaution.

With the Mississippi State Department of Health confirming more cases of the Coronavirus in Mississippi, the Scarlet Pearl isn’t taking any chances. CEO LuAnn Pappas said, “We’ve increased the number of sanitizers across the property. They have encouraged people to stay home. We have an on-site clinic for our associates and they are encouraged to absolutely go to the clinic, stay home if you are sick. You will be paid. We revisited and revised our attendance policies.”

Pappas says maintaining the health and wellness of those associated with the casino is a top priority. “We continue to talk hourly with our board of directors and we are beginning to feel pretty passionate that we have a social responsibility and that responsibility says we don’t wanna encourage people to come. We actually say that you know your offers, your rewards, if you’re a valued guest at Scarlet Pearl will be maintained and will be kept as long as we have to do that until the threat of this virus goes away.”

Tommy Mayne is visiting the Scarlet Pearl. “This is one of the best ones there is. Always clean, it’s always filtrated well.”

Mayne says this outbreak is concerning, but especially in places people travel to from around the world. “One of the things I think they ought to do is give you a hand wipe so that when you use the slot machines, because everyone puts their hands on the slot machines, is that you wipe the slot machines yourself, personally, so you feel comfortable about it. They’re going around wiping, I know that and have a hand sanitizers but that means you have to rely on other people. So if you give somebody a hand-wipe that they can carry with them it would make a big difference.”

“If you are over the age of 60 and have a compromised immune system, we are encouraging you to please stay home if you are an associate. We will compensate you to include any of your medical benefits.”

According to the Center for Disease Control between 160 million and 214 million in the United States could be infected over the course of the epidemic. “What I want to ensure everyone, both associates and customers, is that nothing will be impacted in terms of what happens. Yes, is this your place of entertainment at any given point we may decide to close. I know that we are heavily regulated. I understand all the ramifications as to our board and our owners regarding such a statement like that but it is current reality. Social distancing is one of the ways that you can stop the spread of a virus should it occur.”

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