Scarlet Pearl Casino Set to Open Next Month

The countdown is on. There’s just one month left until the Scarlet Pearl Casino opens its doors for business. How are residents and the city of D’iberville preparing for the grand opening?
The past four years, the city of D’iberville has been eager to see the Scarlet Pearl Casino come to life. Now, just one month of finishing touches remains before that reality comes to fruition. City of D’iberville Director of Community Development Hank Rogers said,"They’re putting in bedspreads and hanging curtains and doing the linens and the slot machines and putting in the tiny room equipment. So they’re in the final stages of both installing their own equipment as well as training the personnel.”
Rogers says this $300 million casino will be like nothing on the Coast. Its 68,000 square foot gaming floor will be bigger than any other casino in South Mississippi. “It is a Vegas-quality, world-class casino. This thing is gorgeous. You’re going to be very impressed when you see the interior finishes,” said Rogers.
It’s no secret to officials or residents in D’iberville that the casino will bring huge changes to the rapidly growing city. “It’s going to be a big boom for us, of course, something like this changes the landscape for the city for the long term and for the future,” said Rogers.
“We expect an increase in traffic. You know the character of the neighborhood is almost certainly going to change. While it’s overall a good thing for D’iberville, we’ve been looking for many years to get a casino, how the neighborhood will be impacted, I guess, is yet to be seen,” said D’iberville resident Wayne Alley.
Bobby Eleuterius tells News 25 the 36-hole miniature golf course is also on schedule to open December 9th with the casino. Overall the whole project will create 1,200 jobs.

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