Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort helps Afghanistan refugees

One South Mississippi casino is helping those impacted by the recent withdrawal in Afghanistan through two big donations.

Two separate organizations aiding Afghans received $25,000 each from the Scarlet Pearl. ‘No One Left Behind’ and ‘Spirit of America’ both serve different missions to help Afghans get to America after risking their lives for American troops.

‘No One Left Behind’ helps to aid Afghan translators and interpreters. The organization is trying to help with the state department’s special immigrant Visas for Afghans who were employed on behalf of the U.S. government.

‘Spirit of America’ is a nonprofit organization which helps evacuate Afghans and their families. Their efforts are aimed for food, clothes, baby formula, diapers, and hygiene supplies for evacuees. Often times they are arriving with only the clothes that they are wearing. Scarlet Pearl Casino Vice President of Marketing Ben Koff said, “These are people that put their life on the line, they risked their lives, their families lives by helping out American Troops and we want to help them fulfill the promise that America had out there for them, that they would be taken care of. These are incredibly brave men and women and it’s part of the Scarlet Pearl Cares. We’ve invested interest in our community and sometimes that’s the local community, sometimes that’s the greater Mississippi Area and sometimes that’s the world.”

The donation was made through the Scarlet Pearl Cares Initiative.

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